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Cadet Uniform

Cadets will wear the ABU (Airman Battle Uniform) and the Air Force Blues uniform in accordance with CAPR 39-1, correct wear of these uniforms will be expected. Please note that the links to the following uniform items will take you to the Vanguard site, there are some items that can only be purchased through them.

When registering for membership, there is an option to receive a uniform voucher from Vanguard immediately after a cadets first promotion. There are different levels of financial assistance that can be chosen at that time. Please note the squadron has no control over the voucher amount.

For prospective Cadets or new Cadets who have not received a full uniform we ask that you wear the “Squadron Business Casual” uniform. This will consist of: White button down or polo shirt, black pants, black socks/shoes.

*Please note: we do our best to keep the items in this listing up-to-date, however listings may change. If there are any questions on uniform items, please have your Cadet connect with their Chain of Command.

Air Force Blues:

Male Short Sleeve Blues Shirt (tucked in): Vanguard Item# CAP1001A
Male Blues Trousers: Vanguard Item# CAP0993B
Male Blues Belt with Buckle: Vanguard Item# 2500500
Male Blues Cover (Flight Cap): Vanguard Item# CAP0994K
Male Patent Leather Dress Shoes: Vanguard# CAP2800NM
*Patent Leather High Gloss Dress Shoes can be purchased on Amazon

Females may wear the Male Short Sleeve Blues Shirt (tucked in)
Female Blue Overblouse (untucked): Vanguard Item# CAP1017
Female Blues Trousers: Vanguard Item# CAP3500A
Female Blues Skirt: Vanguard Item# CAP3600A
*must be worn with nude-colored nylons and high-gloss black flat shoes (or heels)
Female Blues Belt with Buckle: Vanguard Item# 2500550
Female Blues Cover (Flight Cap): Vanguard Item# CAP1015J
Male Patent Leather Dress Shoes (may be worn): Vanguard Item# CAP2800NM

Male/Female Flight Cap Device (Cadet): Vanguard Item# CAP0748A
Male/Female Blues Name Plate: Vanguard Item# CAP0599M
*Males & Females must wear black socks and white v-neck t-shirts*

ABU (Airman Battle Uniform):

Male/Female ABU Blouse: Vanguard Item# CAP0991F
ABU Youth Blouse (through size 12): Vanguard Item# CAP0991C
Male/Female ABU Pants: Vanguard Item# CAP0991O
ABU Youth Pants (through size 12): Vanguard Item# CAP0991L
ABU Belt with Buckle: Vanguard Item# CAP2510700
ABU Cap – Flat Top: Vanguard Item # CAP0991U
ABU Tan T-Shirt: Vanguard Item# CAP0991Z

Male Tactical Side-Zip Boot: Vanguard Item# CAP2900A
Female Tactical Side-Zip Boot: Vanguard Item# CAP3300
*Tactical Boots can be purchased cheaper on Amazon

Civil Air Patrol Tape for ABU: Vanguard Item# CAP6403
Name Tape for ABU: Vanguard Item# CAP6402


According to CAPR 39-1 all bags, coats, watches, and hydration packs should be black with no logos or printing.

In order to find the latest version of CAPR 39-1, please visit the National Civil Air Patrol Regulation & Publication page HERE and scroll down to CAPR 39-1.

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