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Frequently Asked Questions

We're glad you stopped by!  We understand that there is a lot of information to take in your first couple of meetings.  We hope this FAQ will help to clear up some of the information.

If your question isn't answered here, please use the 'contact us' buttons and shoot us an email!  We are happy to answer any of your questions and help you on your Civil Air Patrol journey!


Membership Questions:

1. I visited a meeting, now what?

We encourage you to visit three meetings to get a good overview of the program. After the second meeting, future Cadets can find the online application here: Cadet Online Application

You will need the following information to fill out the application:

Social Security Number  

*Wing: WI
*Unit: 055

Secure credit card payment will be made at the end.

Adult members must undergo a background check prior to be accepted as a member of Civil Air Patrol. There is a paper application for adult members, which can be found here: Adult Application

Finger print cards will be given by the Squadron Commander and can be done in-house if you bring proper identification.

Application, finger print card, and fee will be mailed to National Headquarters after the Squadron Commander's signature is obtained on the application.


2. What forms of identification are acceptable?

Acceptable documents for proof of identity are the same documents required on the Form I-9 for employment eligibility verification.
U.S. Passport, Resident Card, Drivers License or State Issued ID, School ID with photograph, Military ID, Social Security Card, Original Or Certified Copy of Birth Certificate.

For a complete list, please visit: CAPR 39-2


3. What about Uniforms?

We do have a small supply of ABUs (Airman Battle Uniform) & Blues available. We do our best to hand out uniform items that we have, but sizes are limited and we can not guarantee uniform items.

Senior Member Uniform items & Regulations can be found on our Officer Uniform page.

We do encourage all adult members to wear a uniform when attending meeting. Uniforms are required for outside of meeting events. At minimum Senior Members should have a Corporate-Style Uniform.  

Cadets should have one complete uniform in order to receive their first promotion. The Cadet Uniform page highlights the items that are required for each uniform. It is our suggestion that Cadets work to put together their ABUs first. Each Cadet will receive a $100 voucher from Vanguard after their first promotion. This voucher is only good towards the Blues (dress) uniform.

For specific uniform guidance all members are encouraged to keep CAPR 39-1 handy.  This is the official Civil Air Patrol Uniform Regulation.


4. How much will this cost? Is there an annual fee?

There is no specific number for program cost. That will depend on what opportunities you (or your Cadet) will take advantage of.

Each membership renews annually through National Headquarters.

Cadet Membership - $35/year

Senior Membership - $65/year

Those fees do not get disbursed at the squadron level. We do have an annual membership fee at the squadron level that covers general operating expenses and promotion items (rank, ribbons, racks, etc).

Squadron Dues - $35/year

Families with a financial hardship should discuss this with our Squadron Commander or Finance Officer, there are some opportunities for scholarships (squadron dues only) available.


5. Where do I find my info, tests, etc?

Once your membership is approved, National Civil Air Patrol will send you a welcome e-mail. That e-mail will contain a link to eServices, along with your CAP ID (memorize it!), and log-in information.

eServices is our database of information, tests, and reporting system. Cadets & Senior Members will utilize eServices often, memorizing your CAP ID is extremely important - and keep your password handy!


Cadet Program Questions:

1. My Cadet has a question, who does he ask?

You may have heard these famous words from your Cadet, "I have to ask my Chain of Command."

He/She is correct. We encourage our Cadet Staff to work with their flights to answer all questions. You or your Cadet can find the updated Chain of Command on our website: Chain of Command (pdf)

Emergency situations do arise. In that case, Cadets are encouraged to speak with an Officer (Capt Bastian, Deputy Commander for Cadets). Any email sent by a Cadet to an Officer, should have their Flight Sergeant or Flight Commander copied to it. This ensures Cadet Protection standards.

Cadets should be checking their e-mail at least daily for updated information. Cadet Staff will send the "Orders of the Day" which will highlight the meetings activities, give them the uniform of the day, and any other information they may need.


2. What about absences?

Active Participation is a promotion requirement (CAPR 60-1, 3.3.1)

Occasional absences happen. Cadets are expected to notify their Chain of Command of absences.

Extended absences should be discussed with Flight Staff so a plan can be developed to help the Cadet continue with promotions.


3. How do Cadets promote?

Each promotion requires completing the following items:

Leadership Test (found in eServices/Online Learning/Cadet Online Testing/Leadership Tests)

Aerospace Test (not required for the first promotion)

Drill Test (Drill & Ceremony CAP P60-33

Character Development Lesson (Wingman Course for the first promotion)

Physical Fitness Test

Review Board (requested from Flight Sergeant with this FORM)

Able to recite the Cadet Oath

Cadets must be active participants (6/8 attended meetings for the first promotion), must have a complete uniform, and must display the core values (Respect, Integrity, Excellence, and Volunteer Service).


4. How can Cadets Fly?

Cadets can take part in Orientation Flights. These flights highlight more than just flying. They give the Cadets a hands-on experience learning about aircraft/flight safety, maintenance, aerodynamics and more!

Each Cadet receives 5 front-seat Orientation Flights and can take advantage of unlimited back-seat flights (up to age 18). They also qualify for 5 non-powered (glider) flights. This is something that Wisconsin Wing is working to make available for our Cadets.

As Cadets progress through the program there are many opportunities for flight scholarships, as well as powered and glider academies that can be attended.


5. What do I bring to meetings?

For each meeting, Cadets should bring: a water bottle, a notebook, a black pen, and a good attitude.

All Cadets should always come to each meeting ready to "participate actively". Cadet Staff will send out an e-mail on the Sunday (or Monday) prior to each meeting that will give important information for the upcoming meeting. The e-mail will let them know what the uniform of the day is, what activities they will be participating in, and what materials they should plan to bring.


6. I don't have a complete uniform, what do I wear?

Wearing the United States Air Force uniform comes with great responsibility. No member should EVER wear an incomplete uniform. If your uniform is not complete, in accordance with CAPR 39-1 (Uniform Regulation) you should wear:

Black Pants, Black Socks, Black Shoes, and a White Shirt (polo, or button up)

Any Cadet not wearing a proper uniform will be instructed on how to fix the errors, repeated offenses will require that we send the Cadet home to change.


7. Does my child have to go into the military?

No. This is not an ROTC program. Civil Air Patrol is an all-volunteer organization. While our training provides an advantage for Cadets who choose to join the military after graduation, there is no type of mandatory obligation associated with Civil Air Patrol.


General Program Questions:

1. E-mail & Communication

Once your membership is approved by National Civil Air Patrol, our Wing IT team will begin the process of setting up an email account for you through Office 365.

This email account will also give you access to the full Office365 suite through Microsoft, including Microsoft Teams (which is a free download for PCs and phones).

Once your email is setup, you will receive an email from Wisconsin Wing IT with instructions on how to login. We encourage you to check this e-mail account often. All squadron communication will go to that e-mail address. 

If you do not see an e-mail from Wisconsin Wing within one week of your membership being approved, please check in with your Chain of Command so we can check on the progress.


2. Do Adult members promote also?

They should, yes. There are a different membership levels for adult members. Joining as a full member means that Senior Members will wear a uniform, participate in unit activities, and advance through the Professional Development program and promote. The first step is going through Level 1: Onboarding. The Squadron Commander and/or Education & Training Officer will assist with any questions.

Other membership levels include: Cadet Sponsor Member (ability to be an activity chaperone - background check is still required), Aerospace Education Member (AEM - teachers/homeschoolers, no squadron responsibilities), State Legislative/Congressional Members (limited to Representatives & Congressmen)

Other questions specific to joining as a senior member can be found HERE.


3. I'm a pilot, can I join and fly?

Absolutely! Our squadron has a great group of pilots who are dedicated to our missions. They do a great job mentoring and helping new pilots get everything in order to be able to fly within Civil Air Patrol.

Our pilots fly different missions, Orientation Flights with Cadets (powered and glider), Transport Mission Pilots - moving equipment and aircraft, and Mission Pilots flying on official missions (search and rescue, disaster relief, etc.)

Pilot specific information can be found HERE.


4. Is Fox Cities Composite Squadron on social media?

Absolutely! We have some great Senior Member & Cadet Public Affairs Officers who keep our social media and website updated. We have public pages on Facebook & Instagram. We also have a private group on Facebook that is for active members (and parents) only. Once your membership is approved, I encourage you to find: FCCS CAP Closed Group.

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